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The Brain: Can We Trust It?

Date: 11/05/2022 15:30 - 11/05/2022 17:30
Place: Online via Zoom

We invite you to a SIAM Student Chapter Guest Lecture which will be given by Matouš Brunát (PhD student at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of CTU).

Abstract: Although a brain can do amazingly complex things, it also craves junk food, forgets about birthdays, falls asleep while driving and can't even figure out basic optical illusions. Throughout the last 30 years, neurobiology made significant progress in understanding how the brain works. These findings shed light on even the hardest questions. What is reality and can I get to it? Is there free will? Do I eat the last piece of chocolate? And what even am I? This lecture cuts through the most mind-boggling findings in neurobiology and shows the limitations of our senses. Warning: There is a good chance, you will never trust your brain again.