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Ivan Soukup - Introduction to problematic of collision detection and shape modification of STL bodies

Date: 03/03/2015 14:00
Place: Seminární místnost KNM
Representation of complex bodies in three-dimensional space is often dealt with by using STL format. That is basically a 3D triangular mesh fulfilling certain rules (no hanging nodes, etc.). We are interested in development of an efficient tool for collision detection of multiple bodies represented by STL. We will introduce basic ideas behind collision detection in video games and in physical computations (a posteriori vs. a priori detection) and emphasize differencies between those two areas of application. We also present the ideas behind Gilbert–Johnson–Keerthi distance algorithm, AABB algorithms and our STL modification tool that is under construction. As a corollary we briefly mention several problems of computational geometry arising from work with finite arithmetics.