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How to Git good - a Git tutorial for beginners

Kdy: 24/11/2023 15:40 - 24/11/2023 18:40
Kde: K11 (Karlín)
Are you lost when it comes to version control? Not sure what is the difference between rebase and merge? Do you solve branch collisions by throwing your PC out of the window?

Then our tutorial is ideal for you! We focus on practical learning through interactive exercises. Learn from a seasoned Git user Vojta Srdečný.

You will need:
* English language
* own laptop (PCs available at K11 if needed — not throwable, though).
* account on gitlab.com

Make sure to reserve a seat on our website!

Registration deadline: November 23, 23:59

Please, let us know in the comment if you intend to use the local PC and you are not a student of Matfyz (so that we can prepare a guest account for you).


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