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Simone Bianco: Competition based therapy for RNA virus infection

Kdy: 19/11/2020 17:00
Kde: online
RNA viruses are a large class of medically important viruses, which include SARS, SARS-CoV-2, Influenza and Polio. They are characterized by compact genomes and large mutation rates, which allow them to quickly adapt to and evolve in even the harshest environment. Today, very few effective therapies against RNA viruses exist. Defective interfering (DI) particles are viral particles generated naturally during an infection due to deletions of viral genes functionally important for replication. To complete their replication process, DI particles need to compete with the wild type (WT) virus for their missing elements, as well as for cellular resources, effectively acting as parasites of the infectious agent. In certain conditions, the competition between DI particles and viruses leads to a reduction of the viral production. In this talk I will introduce a set of mathematical models at multiple time and spatial scales to investigate the competition process between DI particles and the WT virus, with the aim of obtaining rational design principles of antivirals.